The search for suitable employees and candidates is becoming increasingly difficult for companies. Especially in the selection of personnel, the personality of candidates is of increasing importance, which, however, is not sufficiently conveyed in written applications. Personal skills are at least as relevant for employment as professional qualifications.

The metru Jobcode offers a solution that makes talent discovery via video-based, time-shifted interviews less complicated and more accessible.
During the initial screening, recruiters gain a meaningful impression and can identify a candidate's personal skills and potential in addition to their technical qualifications. The personnel managers define up to ten interview questions, which are integrated into open job advertisements via a QR code.

The code can be used in a variety of ways and placed, for example, in print media, on job boards and in social media. Candidates scan the code via smartphone and gain access to the interview. They can start the interview at any time via the metru app to record their answers.

The interview, including application-related information, is then sent to the recruiter. Once the application is received, the recruiter receives a meaningful overview of the person behind the resume. In addition to integrating the QR code into the job advertisement, it is also possible to send it directly to a selection of candidates in order to get a second impression of the submitted application with the help of a video interview.

This opens up a new way of presenting jobs.

The video questions can also be used to show the team and environment behind the job. The identity and values of a company are conveyed and the job advertisement is personalized.
Uncertainties about the candidate or the job are reduced, and false expectations or assessments are avoided. The interview thus creates an authentic atmosphere, comparable to that of a real job interview. The assessment and evaluation of soft skills and personal competencies becomes possible through the video interview and is thus not only based on a text-based CV or a telephone interview.

The recruiter gets at least as good an impression via videos as in a live interview. During the screening, the recruiter can decide which candidates best fit the company culture.
Overall, the quota of relevant interviews is increased, recruiting efficiency is improved and time and money are saved. The metru candidate management supports the HR team in the selection of personnel. Most importantly, the short videos of candidates can be easily shared and allow HR professionals to collaborate in a practical new way.

Today, 55% of all companies have already invested in the growing field of video recruiting. This makes it the industry with the greatest potential for growth.
Overall, video is becoming an increasingly important medium and by 2022, 82% of internet traffic is expected to be video. With metru and the Jobcode we are betting on the future of video and offer companies an easy entry into the topic of video recruiting.