Cultural fit plays an increasingly important role for companies in search for suitable candidates. Employer branding and recruiting videos offer the best way to showcase the corporate culture in order to attract the most suitable candidates.

The right format for every purpose

How well does your audience know you?

There are many different ways of shooting a video. Therefore, the question of the appropriate video format must be clarified. Various factors play a role thereby. Criteria for this decision are the budget, the desired effect, the message, the technology used and many more.

At the beginning of this decision process is the question of who the target audience of your recruiting film is. Candidates who know your company will be most attracted to professional films and testimonials. Candidates who don't know your company are best adressed through promotional and employer films.

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Employer film

Providing the core information about a company- Gives an insight into the world of work

The employer film presents the profile of the company in order to convey the corporate culture. It conveys more information about the company than the promotional film, but still has a promotional character. The employer film is general and not focused on a professional group or career level. Its reach is increased with distribution via social media channels.

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Careers page
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60% promotional
40% informative
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From € 10,000
to € 30,000
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Social Media
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60-90 sec
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Professional Group Film

2-3 protagonists convey the message in authentic statements that correspond to the
corporate image.

A department of the company is presented. Authenticity is created by involving employees and showing work situations. The characteristics of employer attractiveness are presented as original sounds to convey the corporate culture. It is important to choose protagonists who identify with the company. With the distribution via social media channels, the reach of the film is increased.

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Careers page
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50% promotional
50% informative
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From € 8,000
to € 15,000
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Social Media
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2-3 min
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Event Film

A different perspective is taken to show the corporate culture in a dynamic way.

The advantage of the event film: No fixed content concept is necessary. The images are created during an event. There are no scenic representations and the event film appears more authentic than any other format. In addition, the images captured are more exciting than everyday work situations, which allows for dynamic editing. The distribution via social media channels increases the reach of the film.

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Careers page
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50% promotional
50% informative
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From € 6,000
to € 10,000
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Social Media
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2-3 min
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A teaser for a job ad that can even be filmed with a smartphone and is edited by our innovative metru app.

Jobvideo is a cost-effective long-term option for smaller budgets. Job videos are short videos that serve as teasers for job ads and employer branding. They consist of short clips in which employees of the company present an advertised position, future colleagues and achievements.

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Website &
Career page
Orange Speaker Icon
20% promotional
80% informative
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190 €
per month
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Social Media
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2-4 min
Iceberg Model Picture
Iceberg Picture
Visible, but mostly not

Visual features such as corporate identity,
clothing, buildings and premises

Values, norms and standards
Partly visible, partly

visual language & stylistic means such as
camera work, correction

Basic assumptions
Invisible & unconscious

The visualization of levels 1 and 2
allows the viewer to draw conclusions about
the basic assumptions.

The iceberg model

Edgar Schein analyses corporate culture on
three different levels, which are to be expressed in the film.

1. artifacts

Artefacts are visible, tangible, they include all visible
phenomena, for example: corporate identity, clothing,
status symbols, buildings, premises.

2. values, norms and standards

A film contains the values, norms and standards of the
company. These are perceived partly consciously, partly
unconsciously and provide information about what is considered
desirable or worth striving for (e.g. corporate philosophy and vision).

3. basic assumptions

The basic assumptions are invisible, unconscious and are taken for granted.
They describe the deeply rooted characteristics of the company. Through an
accurate reflection of the basic assumptions in the recruiting film,
the viewer is given a feeling of what it is like to work for the

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Video: a
contemporary medium

3 out of 4 recruiters expect job ads to contain less text and more audio-visual formats.
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Employer branding

Video is the best medium for
employer branding. Position yourself as a company by highlighting your attractiveness as an employer!
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Higher range

More than 70% of search results on Google are videos. Companies that integrate videos into their website are ranked higher in Google search results
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information content

One minute of video conveys about 1.8 million words via the images displayed. No text of this size can be read in
the same amount of time.
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Social boost

Video is the optimal medium to spread your message quickly and efficiently on social media. For example, videos on Facebook have the highest organic reach at 8.7%.
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Video is more attractive

People spend up to 80% more time on websites that contain videos. 45% of internet users watch more than one hour of video per week.

The production process

Careful planning enables successful production
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01 Consulting

We offer you a non-binding consultation. There we clarify issues such as the selection of the appropriate format. This phase is crucial, because decisions made at the beginning determine the final product more than others. Hasty decisions can lead to mistakes that diminish your satisfaction. The more input we get from you, the more meaningful your recruiting film will be.


Let us advise you first and then work on the idea. Not the other way around.

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02 Budget planning

The cost of a recruiting film varies greatly depending on the format, technology used and time available. The promotional value that can be created by a film can far outweigh the costs incurred. However, a bigger budget does not mean the best result. It is the right choice of format, technique and idea that brings success. These two factors need to be carefully weighed.


The clear definition of the budget determines the basis for the entire production.


03 Development of ideas

The development of ideas is our strength. Depending on the format, different paths can be taken. These range from an exposé to illustrate the rough plot, to a script that gives a detailed insight into the content, to an animated storyboard that gives you an exact picture of the video as the final product. In this way, we give you a detailed picture of your recruiting film even before production.


Have courage and strike new paths to achieve viral marketing potential.

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04 Concept

Once the idea development process is complete, the conception phase begins and the content and intended core messages are defined. Questions about the protagonists and extras are clarified. The search for a suitable location begins, it is clarified whether filming permits are required and everything is prepared to create the optimal basis for a smooth production.


Plan for alternatives to the planned course. Bad weather or illness can always occur.

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05 Shooting schedule

Following the concept phase, the shooting schedule defines the complete production process: which location, at which time, with which protagonists, etc. The shooting schedule not only contains all sequences, but also important information about the plot and comments that are relevant for the entire team. This creates an overview for you and the entire crew that guides the complete implementation of the concept.


Delays can always occur. Therefore, plan buffer times when blocking a room.

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06 Production

Production is the heart of every recruiting film project. It is the process in which all ideas are implemented according to the specifications of the shooting schedule and according to the content defined in pre-production. Each team member knows his role and even inexperienced protagonists are integrated to take away their stage fright so that they feel comfortable with us.


Please refrain from being present during the recording of sound bites. This puts the protagonists under pressure.

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07 Cut

The successful production is followed by the cut. It determines the final composition of all the material to achieve the desired appearance. After the rough cut, the fine cut follows in consultation with you. It is complemented by sound design, visual effects, motion design and color grading.


A structured approach is important when implementing your change requests.

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08 Release of the video

After the completion of the recruiting film and after the editing is finished, we hand over your video in different formats so that it can be shown on different platforms such as cinema, television, YouTube and other social media in perfect quality. Of course, you have all the image rights to the video.


We offer a backup for 2 years. It contains all project files for easy later changes.

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