The metru job code shortens your recruitment process, increases the quality of your candidates, and improves the comparability of candidates.

Recruiters can achieve the same predictive value with 5 video assessment questions as with the traditional 200-question test. It helps recruiters assess soft skills and cultural fit.
Josh Bersin, Deloitte

Discover the person(ality) behind the application

Today's hiring processes are ineffective and lengthy. Text applications tend to be boring and uninformative. Recruiters have to resolve many unanswered questions before a face-to-face interview. Thus, verifying cultural fit is not possible before actually meeting the applicant.
The Jobcode is a tool that puts an end to all these uncertainties and takes your recruiting to the next level. By means of time-delayed and video-based interviews, we enable a quick and versatile screening of candidates.

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But how does it work?

Write 3 to 10 questions or record them as a video with our app or our web recording solution. You will immediately receive a link that you can share with your candidates. With this link, your candidates can start the interview and answer your questions one by one.
Once all questions have been answered, the recordings are automatically edited together and made available in metru applicant management. With the video-based interview you get a meaningful impression of the candidate's personality already in the pre-screening phase. You can embed the link on your career page to provide a direct application option.

Evaluate together

You can create notes with colleagues, rate candidates and access all relevant documents and certificates. The interview can be shared across teams and departments in anonymized form.

Compare optimally

The structured interview ensures an objective candidate comparison, as all your candidates go through the same process.

Competence impact analysis with AI

Language use is as individual as a fingerprint. Our AI decodes the respective patterns. Thus, conclusions can be drawn about communicative and personal skills as well as the effect of language. The speech patterns are broken down into smallest units of information and checked for linguistic and prosodic features. The AI creates a communicative impact profile and optimally supports your personnel selection process.


A key advantage of AI analysis is its objectivity. Managers often tend to make decisions based on gut feelings. When these feelings are confirmed by an objective reference, managers can make informed decisions.


The assessment of a large number of candidates is done easily and quickly. All detected personality traits can be compared in the AI assessment overview.

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Why Jobcode?

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Reduce cost-per-hire

metru makes your recruiting process more efficient and significantly shorter. This saves you time and money.
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Top Candidate Experience

The applicants can convince the recruiters with their personality. They are all treated equally as they go through the same simple and modern process.
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Higher comparability

The structured interview process makes it easy to compare candidates. This increases the overall quality of the candidates.
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Early recognition of cultural fit

Personality traits are at least as important as professional competence. With metru, you know in advance who is coming through the door.
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Identify top candidates immediately

Talents cannot be recognized by written applications alone. They only become recognizable when they have the opportunity to convince the employer.
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Hiring rate 30 % higher

The Jobcode process increases the quality of the candidates in the interview, which significantly reduces the possibility of wrong decisions.

Use metru for your growth!

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