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What is Close-up?

Close-up is a form of application in which a video is added to the cover letter, the resume and your skills.

What are the advantages of Close-up?

Through the videos, you can fully showcase your character and personality. As more and more companies are looking for employees who match their expectations and aspirations, your chances of getting an interview increase. With the help of videos, you'll leave a lasting impression even before the interview. Plus, you won't even have to edit and put everything together because we'll do that for you. Also, your nervousness will be much less than in a direct interview. You won't be confronted by a human being and you'll have the opportunity to record video footage until you're completely satisfied. This way you can appear confident, show your strengths and convince with authenticity. Shine with your personality and leave a positive, lasting impression on the recruiter.

Are there templates for Close-up?

The video shoot for Close-up is not elaborate at all. Just the 3 videos that complement your cover letter, resume and skills. You can easily shoot the videos using our metru app or on our website. In doing so, you can say a few sentences about yourself as a person, your work experience, practical and language skills, comments and special achievements/awards yourself. You can also watch some tutorials on video recording on our metru app.

How long can I use the product?

There is no monthly payment, just a one-time payment. So once you've paid for the product, you can use it indefinitely.

What do I have to consider when recording the videos?

We recommend that you keep the length of your videos under one minute. It's also important that you have good lighting and that the focus is on your face. This will ensure that the camera focuses properly and that you are easy to see.
You should also be in a place where there are no external distractions. That is, the background should be as monochromatic as possible and objects in the room should be out of the picture. This way the recruiter can fully concentrate on you. Also, when choosing a room, make sure that it doesn't reverberate.
As far as clothing is concerned, we recommend that you dress as you would for an interview. Your clothes should be appropriate for the field of work you are interested in. It is best to choose simple clothes, without logos or prints that could distract from you.

What content can I convey in the videos?

The written part includes the classic content, as in a conventional application: cover letter, resume and knowledge or skills. Since personality traits are becoming increasingly important for employers, you can present these topics in the videos.
The idea is not to replace the written part, but to complement it with videos. In the videos you can mention relevant events that took place between the points in the CV and highlight and explain them accordingly. Furthermore, you can convince with your personality and your appearance as well as your strengths and your motivation. Nevertheless, make sure that you do not reproduce the written part word for word.

How many times can I re-record a video?

You can re-record a video as many times as you want. So take the time to put your best foot forward and make a good impression on recruiters.

Any tips for working in front of the camera?

For a good first impression, you should look neat and clean. With an upright and open posture you present yourself confidently in front of the camera. Take enough time before the recording and put your thoughts in order. Think about what exactly you want to say. The recruiter wants to get to know you. Therefore, remain yourself so as not to create a distorted image. You know your strengths and weaknesses best, but there is nothing wrong with highlighting your positive qualities.

What exactly is edited after the fact in the videos?

We'll make some color corrections and enhance the tone if needed so you get the best possible result.

Can I express my wishes for the final editing?

If you have specific requests, feel free to email us and we will do our best to accommodate them. Changes will only be accepted for the videos and not for the written part.

When will I receive feedback on the finished product?

We usually have your videos processed within 2-3 business days. Also check your spam folder if you haven't received a notification after some time.

What should I consider when sending a Close-up to the potential employer?

You will receive your completed Close-up application as a PDF document. Once you have attached it to the email, check again that you can open it and that all the videos are playing correctly. Please note that you should also send any required documents, e.g. your diploma. Include the link to your Close-up application in your email to ensure that recruiters have access to the full file. You will receive this automatically once you receive the revised video application. For printed applications, there is also the option to add QR codes to your application that can be scanned by recruiters and give them access to your videos.

Help, I can't play the videos.

First check that the file is in the correct format, this is a PDF file. You can also try the link we send you of the final Close-up application. If the problem still cannot be solved, please contact our support team at +49 (0)221 16 82 36 84 or send an email to

Who has access to my data and what happens to it?

Only you and we have access to your data. This data will not be passed on to third parties. After completion, you will receive the finished Close-up application, which will only be stored on our server in the final version. This way you can retrieve it at any time in the future and resubmit it when you are looking for a new job. When your Close-up application is ready, you will be notified by email.

I am dissatisfied with the product. What can I do?

If you are dissatisfied with our product, simply contact our support team at +49 (0)221 16 82 36 84 or by e-mail at Together we will find a solution to your problem.

What is the metru job interview?

The job interview is a delayed interview at a company where you have applied or want to apply. The company provides you with a link, QR or numerical code to the job interview and you can start immediately. In our job market you will also find some job postings where you can apply directly for an interview. After the interview, you will be asked questions that you can answer. The company will watch the video and will be much better able to decide if you are a good fit for the company or not based on your answers and personality. Depending on the interview question, you can explain your background, motivation, and goals. The interview is not scheduled. The interview takes place at a later time. You can decide when, where and how you have time to record your interview with the metru app or on the web.

How do I conduct a job interview?

You can get to the job interview in different ways. For example, via a link that the recruiter sends you directly or via the QR or number code. You can also start the job interview directly via the job market if the company has linked its job advertisement to it. Either you start the interview via the metru app that you have previously installed on your smartphone or via your browser. Once you have started the job interview, the first video question will be displayed. After a countdown of 5 seconds, the recording starts. Depending on the question, you have 30 seconds to 3 minutes to answer. You will be informed in advance if there are further attempts to answer the questions. When you have finished answering all the questions, you can cut off the beginning and end of each question.

What should I look for in an interview?

A few things to keep in mind when interviewing with metru:
- Dress appropriately
Even if you are at home - dress as you would for an interview. Please do not wear clothing with logos and writing on it. It is too distracting to the viewer.

- The recording background
You are recording the interview on video. So pay attention to your surroundings and a plain background. Please do not use a white wall as a background.
Your camera would darken it a lot. Also, the interview will be recorded in landscape format.

- The sound
A quiet unexciting environment is good. Avoid distracting sounds such as loud conversations and traffic noise.
It is best to record at a time when there is little going on in your recording environment.

- It is best to shoot at a time when there is little activity in your shooting environment.
Lighting is an important consideration. The key tip here is: Don't point your smartphone camera into the backlight or against the sun, but aim the camera so that the light falls on you from the front. It's best to shoot your video near a window and in daylight.

What equipment can I use to conduct the interview?

You can conduct the interview on the following devices:
1) Smartphone - iOS and Android
2) Laptop or desktop PC, each equipped with a camera

You can conduct your job interview with a smartphone - both with Android and iOS - or from a laptop/PC. Applicants who wish to use a smartphone must download the free interview app beforehand. If you want to conduct your interview on a computer, no download is required.

Link Apple App Store:
Link Google Playstore:

What happens to my data?

If you have recorded a job interview and have not yet used metru, create an account with email and password after the recording. Your job interview will then be sent to the company. 2 months after the end of the application process, we delete your job interview. At the same time, we withdraw access to your data from the company to which you sent the application.

How much will it cost me to use metru?

The use of metru Jobinterview is free of charge for candidates.

Can I look at the questions in advance to prepare for the interview?

The answers to the questions should be authentic. The situation is like a personal conversation - spontaneous. No prepared text should be spoken. This also helps you to sound natural.

I am not satisfied with my answer. Can I repeat my answer?

The company determines how many times you may repeat the answer and how much time you have for your answer. The company also decides on the number of possible repetitions. You will be told this number of possible recordings per question at the beginning of the interview. Please note that if you re-record your answer, the previous answer to that question will be deleted immediately.

Can I download the metru interview?

No. We store the job interview for the time the position is available. 2 months after the end of the position and after the application process has been completed, we delete your job interview and withdraw access to all data from the company to which you applied.

Is it possible to skip a question?

You can skip the display of the question, but you cannot skip the recording of the answer. However, you can immediately choose not to answer a question and pause the recording of the question after 3 seconds. Then you continue with the next question.

Is the metru job interview a live interview?

No. The job interview is a time-shifted interview. The recording of the entrepreneur questions takes place at a different time than your video recording. You answer the interview questions later.

The interview is uploaded, now what?

You should definitely create a profile picture, as this will automatically be used as a thumbnail for the video. You want to leave an even more positive impression? Then go to your profile and enter more information about yourself. There you can also record a general profile video to tell more about yourself.

What are the advantages for me?

1. you are treated much more fairly. In the job interview you show your strengths in a completely different way than in the traditional application with cover letter and resume. Because everyone is asked the same questions, everyone has the same chance to answer.
2. You may be able to convince more with your personality. Your pure professional competence could not do that. Because often the attitude counts at least as much as the professional competence.
3. If you are subsequently invited to an interview, you can assume that the probability of being hired is significantly higher, because your interviewers have already gained a good impression of you. Conversely, if you are not invited, you will have saved yourself an unnecessary interview, because the recruiters often know after the first few sentences whether someone is a good fit or not.

Help! Something's gone wrong. What do I have to do?

If an error occurs when recording your answers, you can check the following points:

1. Is the Internet connection correct?

2. Is there enough memory on the phone?

3. And the battery? Is its capacity ok?

Can we help you personally? Please write to us at or use the chat on our website. You can reach us by phone at 0221 16 82 36 84.

How can I delete my account?

Currently you can't delete your account in the settings. However, you are welcome to contact us. We will then take care of the deletion process. Just write to us at or use the chat on our website. You can reach us by phone at 0221 16 82 36 84.

What is part of the candidate profile?

In the candidate profile, you list your knowledge and skills and give the recruiter who visits your page an overview of your education and/or other qualifications. You can also list your practical experience here: Describe your full-time and part-time jobs, internships and give a good insight into your CV. You can also describe your language skills and, of course, categorise them according to your abilities, from basic to mother tongue. If you have relevant certificates and references, you can also add them to your candidate profile in PDF format in the "Certificates" field. The best thing about the candidate profile is that you can add a profile video to give the recruiter the best possible impression of who you are and why you could be the perfect employee for their company!

Why should I create a metru profile?

Compared to other providers, metru offers you more than just the possibility to present your knowledge, skills and experience in your profile. Your candidate profile can be extended by a profile video in which you can show who you really are. Nowadays, it's not only professional skills that are convincing, but also a candidate's personality. Unfortunately, this personality is often neglected in conventional profiles. So take your chance to show your best side and record your first profile video!

How can I change my profile as a candidate?

You can change your profile at any time until it suits you. You can change or add to any part of your profile in the appropriate text fields. For example, you can remove or add skills, change your profile picture or record a new profile video. You can easily change all the information in your candidate profile using the edit function.

What is the profile video? What should be considered for the content?

In the profile video you introduce yourself as a personality. You can convince with your strengths and your competence. The video gives an impression of who you are and why you are the right person for the company. If you have questions about suitable content for your profile video, we have designed four guiding questions that will help you to present your personality. The profile video will be added to your candidate profile later.

Can I re-record the profile video?     

Yes, you can re-record your profile video at any time.

Who can access my profile?

Only the one who has been authorized by you. The security of your profile information is governed by the GDPR .

Can I share my profile with others?

Yes, sharing with others is possible via the share function. To share, your public profile link is copied. The link can be sent to any company and to any interested person.

Will it cost me anything to use the candidate profile? 

The use of the metru candidate profile is free of charge.

What about the privacy issue?

Your data is stored on servers in Germany. This is very secure and reliable. Your data security at metru is regulated according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, in short GDPR. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this topic.

How can I delete my account?

At the moment you can't delete your account in the settings. However, you are welcome to contact us. We will then take care of the deletion.

Write to us at or use the chat on our website.

You can also reach us on the phone: +49(0)221 / 16 82 36 84 ".

What is metruJobs?

In the metru jobs section you will find numerous job postings from companies to which you can apply. With the metru Jobs quick search you can search directly for a job title, position, keyword or a specific company. A new feature of metru Jobs is that companies can link a so-called Jobvideo with their job advertisements. This way, as a potential applicant, you can directly see the person(s) behind the company, learn more about the company's philosophy and get a first impression of whether a collaboration could be a good fit.

Can I filter my search?

Yes, you have many different filter options, such as location, degree required, or type of employment. To activate the filter(s), click on the "Apply" button, with the "Clear" button you can reset the filters.

Can I apply directly to the job advertisements in the job market?

Yes, you can apply directly to the job postings in the metru jobs. Either you use the "Apply" button to share your candidate profile with the recruiter or the company offers a job interview. In this case you can click on the red "Job interview" button to answer the recruiter's questions directly via video.

Do I start the job interview from the metru app or the browser?

You can conduct your job interview both in the app and in the browser. Both are possible.

Can I bookmark the jobs I'm interested in without starting the job interview right away?

Yes, you have the possibility to mark one or more job advertisements in order to apply for them later. The marking is done by the star to the right of the job advertisement. Later, you can return to a marked job and then start your application by sharing your candidate profile or via the job interview.

Can I apply without an interview?

Of course, you can also apply via the "Apply" button by sharing your candidate profile in response to a job ad. You will then also be asked to check your profile for completeness.

What appears in the bookmarks list?   

In the bookmark list, you can see job ads that you have marked with a star so that you can apply to them later. This gives you the opportunity to edit your profile again or prepare specifically for the job interview without losing sight of the job ad.

How can I send my PDF?

Here you have two options. Firstly, you can upload references, certificates and other relevant documents as PDF files in your candidate profile. If you have applied for a job, the recruiter can also see these documents. If a document was missing at the time of your application, you can also send documents in this chat function as soon as the recruiter has started a conversation via metru.

Where can I see where I applied?

At the top right, next to the bookmark list, you will find the tab "Applications". Here you will find all the ads you have applied for so far.

How will the employer contact me?

The employer has the possibility to start a conversation with you via metru. Under "Messages" in your candidate profile you can see who has already contacted you. In addition, the employer can visit your profile based on your application. Here you can enter additional contact information such as email or phone number, which the employer can use to reach you.

Where can I edit my profile?

After you have logged into your metru account, you can make any changes to your profile under "My Profile".