We believe in diversity

Our main goal is to match candidates and companies using videos, AI and software. It's time to take the next step in recruiting. Away from degrees, grades and certificates towards mindset, attitude and motivation.


About us

Attitude is everything! We believe that the world of work works very differently today. Many relevant skills cannot be studied and Youtube replaces many a teacher today. In the future, the skill set of applicants will be the deciding factor in hiring them. Their cultural fit is of particular importance for the full development of their potential.

Companies are given the opportunity to create video-based interviews. The questions asked as a video show the team behind a job offer.

Candidates get a meaningful impression of the company. Uncertainties that a job offer can convey about the role, the environment and the company don't even arise. With metru, we enable candidates and recruiters to get to know each other even before the interview.

metru TEAM

Who we are

With our multicultural team, we are committed every day to providing the best quality to our customers, employees and partners. In doing so, we rely on very close and continuous communication with each other. Freedom for ideas, but also focused goal achievement make metru so special.

metru is based on 31 employees in development, QA, sales, marketing, design and accounting. We are very grateful for the great motivation of each team member!
Keep on pushing!

Masoud Payinda

In 2008, Masoud founded Opendoor Pictures and specialized in the production of recruiting films. He has built up a large company network from which we at metru benefit.

Project Manager
Giuseppina Pratesi

Effective advice for open questions. Our linguist Giuseppina explains our products in detail in the Showcase.
She can also explain the advantages of the Competence Impact Analysis in detail.

Account Manager
Stefan hunter

Unclear about the application of our software and tools? Whether you are a customer or a partner - Stefan will be happy to help you with his technical expertise. Also when good advice on individual software is needed.